Marston Middle School is getting a makeover!

circular-headshotBy Caroline Abkar | October 2016

San Diego Unified’s School Choice Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year is currently in progress and there is much to be excited about these days when it comes to Clairemont’s Schools. The neighborhood already boasts stellar elementary schools and now principal Jon Gollias is on a mission to turn Marston Middle School into a high performing, safe school where students will thrive and reach their full potential. With more and more local families choosing Marston, the school is on its way to becoming a neighborhood school again.

Principal Gollias has a track record of elevating the academic programs in schools he has managed in the past and decrease infractions significantly (by over 50%). He strongly believes in choice and positive reinforcement, and schoolwide participation in safety and positive behavioral programs.

Marston Middle school has been awarded $22M in government funding and the excitement is palpable with plans to remodel all bathrooms on campus, improvements to the gymnasium and addition of athletic facilities, new PA system, new fence, new windows, new HVAC system, and new veneer. The planning and design kick off in January 2017, so stay tuned and most of all, go tour the school and see for yourself what is brewing in the air. Tours are currently offered the first Friday of every month – see the school’s calendar for details on the school’s website:

Be sure to download the full article too, for all the exciting details including Principal Gollias’ philosophy, background, and what makes Marston Middle School unique and potentially a great fit for your child. And if you do tour, ask where almuni end up – you may be quite surprised!

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6 thoughts on “Marston Middle School is getting a makeover!

  1. Heidi says:

    Marston is fabulous, all three of ny girls have gone there. Once they transition into high school you quickly realize the wonderful job that the Marston teachers have done , preparing students to be successful in high level classes. Super excited to hear that Marston is in the spotlight!!


  2. Gitte Russo says:

    Hi! I live down the street and have a 10 year old at John Muir. We have been looking at Marston and took the tour and were very impressed with the principal and students and mood. This article is awesome! We are so excited to join for 6th grade. Marston has been sort of dumpy an underwhelming for years – this is and exciting and new direction that reflects our community’d ever changing demographics. Thank you for highlighting this. I sent this out to a huge group of local folks with kids. Thank you!

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    • Caroline Abkar says:

      Hi Gitte,

      Thank you so much for your feedback and for sharing this with others. It is indeed exciting and I can’t wait to see what they do with the school, and hope that others like you give it the chance it deserves.

      Thank you!
      Ps: Er du dansker? Jeg boede i København i 4 år med min kæreste (og nu mand)!


      • Gitte Russo says:

        Nej, men min Mor er Dansk. Fra Hillerod. I speak Dansk and went to U of Kobenhavn. Wow – you actually learned Danish? Impressive. Insane language! 🙂 Ha ha!


      • Caroline Abkar says:

        Nice! Yes I had to… back in the day I worked as a software engineer and everyone in the company spoke Danish so I had no choice but to learn it very quickly. My in laws make sure I don’t forget it and exclusively speak Danish when we visit each other here or in DK!


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