My visit to the new Clairemont Farmer’s Market

circular-headshotBY CAROLINE ABKAR | February 2017

My visit to Clairemont Farmer’s Market this week was fun and delicious and I wanted to echo the community’s excitement by sharing my positive experience and entice those who haven’t had a chance to try it yet! They promise that the more people show up and purchase from the market, the bigger this market will get.

The products are a feast for the eyes and the nose. My first stop was the farm fresh egg stand where the seller from Papa’s Garden happily shared with me his stories around raising 180 chicken in his farm in Alpine. He passionately explained that he collected the eggs the day before and they had not been refrigerated. For $6/dozen, I thought it was reasonable for free roaming eggs. He even gave me a quail egg to try 🙂


Next, my eyes wandered over the beautifully colored veggies which I did not have much time to appreciate as I had leave soon to pick up my daughter from school. I did smell and spot the strawberries from Carlsbad Strawberries from afar and I was so delighted to hear that although not organic, they are grown pesticide free. One sample and I was sold. They are so deliciously sweet.


There are beautiful flowers for sale, as well as a long list of smoothies which will appeal to even the healthiest nut out there. Colorful containers line up the stand at Baba Foods with Mediterranean delights including the ever so popular hummus. Olala Crepes was making a debut with savory or sweet crepes varieties at very decent prices. Each crepes on the menu sounded better than the other. I will have to try them all.


And that bakery… my oh my… fresh, generously sized flaky croissants, almond croissants and chocolate croissants, muffins, Danishes, baguettes, banana breads. It was a bit pricey but I don’t think anyone cares because his stand starts out full of goods and empties out by the end! I didn’t catch the name and he had forgotten his sign and cards but I will post back with that next week.


I heard great things about the Soul Food stand as well as the Gyros. The Gourmet Tamales have gotten quite some rave feedback too!

Stay tuned for my next visit’s post with even more photos, vendor names and new things I will try.

Questions? Comments?

I am always listening.

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About Clairemont’s Farmer’s Market: Clairemont’s Farmer’s Market takes place in the parking lot of the Clairemont Village on 3015 Clairemont Dr. and kicked off 3 weeks ago now. 


4 thoughts on “My visit to the new Clairemont Farmer’s Market

  1. Mark says:

    When you say soul food, if you meant the amazing fried chicken, catfish stand. It’s the best. We have been every Thursday, just for the Fried Chicken. The owners are really nice too!


  2. Patricia says:

    Will you mention (maybe next post) where the “Clairemont Village” is located with maybe a few landmarks? I know you posted the address, but one or two landmarks may save several local people a step of Googling the address. Thx!


    • Caroline Abkar says:

      Sure! The Clairemont village is best known as where the Kiels grocery store used to be but that’s not very helpful now. It’s the center sandwiched between the Clairemont library and the new Modo Yoga sign which can be seen when driving on Clairemont Dr. If you know where Clairemont Coffee is, you will easily find the market. Please feel free to add additional landmarks in the comments if you feel necessary. Thanks for your feedback!


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