Up Close & Personal with Nate Ladendorf, owner of Poseidon Project

I am privileged to chat with Nate Ladendorf today, owner of Poseidon Project since 2015 here in the heart of Bay Park. We chatted about why he chose to run this business right here in Bay Park San Diego, what makes it unique and whether he has any plans in store to expand the menu. Read on to find out!

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Caroline Abkar: Nate, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Nate Ladendorf: Sure! I am a third generation San Diegan who has never lived anywhere else. I grew up surfing and playing sports. In fact, I worked in a surf shop for 7 years up until a car accident in 2012 which changed everything.  You learn to adapt and play the cards that you’re given the best you can. The accident gave me the opportunity to look at what I wanted to do in my life, which included investing in Black Anvil Tattoo Shop in Normal Heights as well as partnering up with a buddy of mine to launch Rimels Green Sauce, which has become incredibly famous. I spearheaded the bottling side of the business and the great response fueled my motivation to focus more energy on my next project which would be my baby, Poseidon Project.

Caroline Abkar: Why did you launch Poseidon Project?

Nate Ladendorf: It started out as a cooperation with a good buddy who was already in the beer and bar industry. I leveraged what I could of his 20 years of experience and pretty soon, I was learning pretty quickly on my own. I knew craft beer was big in San Diego, and I liked my beers and tequila and wanted to learn more about beer. Wine connoisseurs are also getting into craft beer because of the wide flavor profile available now. The palette is pretty insane from pilsner to funky sour tart.


Nate, with an impressive array of bottled drinks in the background cooler.

Caroline Abkar
: Why did you choose to run this business in Bay Park?

Nate Ladendorf: I live in Bay Ho not far from Poseidon and I have a lot of friends who run businesses right around here. I got to know the people and owners at Siesel’s pretty well back when I sold Rimels Green Sauce. I am also friends with Bay Park Fish Co, and I got to know the owners of Luce & Baci as well. I think Bay Park is a super cool neighborhood where people tend to stick together. It’s a rad area which is more and more up and coming with more and more families.

Caroline Abkar: What makes Poseidon Project unique?

Nate Ladendorf: The atmosphere, layout, the nautical theme, our mural. It’s such an organic environment and a lot of neighborhood people come here to hang out. It’s not a destination place yet, as we are focused on catering to the locals the best we can.

We also offer such a wide variety of craft beers both bottled and tap as well as great wines. We also offer specialty beers such as gluten free. We also introduced food options to go with the beers and wines. In fact, we worked with food trucks and while people love the concept, we realized that we need the consistency that food trucks can’t always provide. In Bay Park you need to be consistent so people can get to know you and know what to expect. Urban Pizza Kitchens has been catering here a few times. We also sell beer to go in multi packs.



Mural on the back wall of Poseidon Project

Caroline Abkar: Have you considered turning Poseidon into a restaurant?

Nate Ladendorf: We are working on a very exciting project indeed! We drew plans for a kitchen and have just gotten the green light for contractors. We will acquire a wood fired oven, and create a handful of signature pizzas as well as Build Your Own, possibly a salad option and perhaps grinder sandwiches and appetizers. The menu is still a work in progress but we are truly so excited to bring a pizzeria to Bay Park. Mid May 2017 is the goal but we won’t be advertising until we have a harder date.

Caroline Abkar: According to you, what makes Bay Park special as a neighborhood?

Nate Ladendorf:  It’s central and I just couldn’t think of a better place. With the pizza that we will start making in house and serving, it will make it all the better.

Caroline Abkar: Can you tell us a bit more about the beers and wine you serve?

Nate Ladendorf: We realize that people like draft beer quite a bit so we offer a constant rotating draft, and we always try to have staples with IPA, Pale Ales, a good Lager Pilsner, a good amber ale, a nice porter. We added 5 more taps to the board. We like offering permanent handles which are not over the board with ABV. We offer a daily featured draft at $4.

Some of our beers are local. Our cider is from Washington Gold, and is actually one of the best out there. We have a Modelo Especial (Mexico) and Joseph James out of Henderson (Vegas). We do try to focus on local beers. The beers in the coolers are a bit more sexy, more exotic.

We do also sell our wines pretty quick, and they’re from all over. We try to switch them up too.


The Daily Drafts board at Poseidon Project

Caroline Abkar: In closing, what are some customer favorites?

Nate Ladendorf: One of our most popular beverages is hard kombucha which contains 7% alcohol. Boochcraft is so popular right now and we try to get them as much as we can. They’re made locally and the movement was started by the hydroponics guys next door. Other customer favorites include a wide variety of IPA and Pilsners and Pale Ales that have done really well. San Diego is an IPA town; lots of breweries are turning IPAs into great flavors.



Poseidon Project storefront, located right around the intersection of Napier St. and Chicago St.


Nate Ladendorf is the owner of Poseidon Project located at 4126 Napier St, San Diego, CA 92110. You can find their menu and read more at http://www.poseidonsd.com/ as well as their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PoseidonProjectSD/ Follow their page to stay in the know about the latest news and pizzeria launch, and don’t miss their Happy Hour Mon-Fri 2-6pm!

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