Meet studio b beauty & balance! Up Close & Personal with Marijo Luranc, Julianna Wida, and John Vosseller

circular-headshotBY CAROLINE ABKAR | Red Tree Realty | May 2017

Tucked in what looks like a Spanish Colonial home off  Morena Boulevard, brews a partnership which recently saw the light as studio b beauty & balance. In fact, three different yet related therapies come together to offer customers a vast array of treatments, from facials, massage and nutrition to stretching and yoga. Marijo Luranc is the owner of Skin Care Extraordinaire. She is a licensed cosmetologist specializing in Aesthetics since 1985. She is a published author of  “A Positive Approach Makeovers for Cancer Survivors.” Julianna Wida joined her at this location as a Holistic Health Practitioner while John Vosseller came on board as a Stretch Therapist, both with numerous years of experience.

Caroline Abkar: Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and your backgrounds?

Julianna Wida: I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, with a B.S. in Nutrition.

I specialize in therapeutic, sports and pregnancy massage, cupping, and body treatments.  I also offer yoga classes for beginner and intermediate yogis.

I have been in the field for 20 years with a background as a personal trainer. I work with my customers towards a set of very personalized health goals. We are all about self-care here as a wellness collective. We strive to bridge beauty and balance to bring them together. We believe that if you feel good on the outside, you will on the inside and vice versa. I teach yoga here in small groups. We focus on alignment, posture and stress reduction.

Caroline Abkar: What made you get into your respective disciplines in the first place?

Julianna Wida: I have always been active in sports and nutrition beginning very early on in my childhood so it was a very organic progression to being drawn into a health related field. It has become my passion to empower individuals to live a healthy lifestyle.

Marijo Luranc: As a teenager with severe acne, I did not feel beautiful. Mu acne was painful and ugly, and made me very self- conscious. Children can be very cruel and I became a target of teasing and ridicule. My parents sought treatment of a dermatologist and my skin did eventually clear up. However my acne left me with scarring on the outside and low self -esteem that I battle as an adult.  I began a mission, a quest to find the ultimate in skin care and makeup products and therapeutic techniques to correct, camouflage and improve my skin.  As a result I enrolled at United Artists Beauty College obtaining a license of cosmetology.  I have trained with Makeup Masters: Linda Seidel for Camouflage, e.g. covering birth marks port wine stains and tattoos. Harry Blake, Johnny Carson’s personal makeup artist on the Tonight Show and well as Marvin Westmore, where I learned my technique to shape the Perfect eyebrows. (pre Anastasia)

In 1992 I began volunteering with a free Nation Wide public service program called LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER.  The program was designed to help women Cancer patients cope with the appearance related side effects medical treatment. The patients experienced baldness, facial hair loss, skin conditions and discolorations. I gave instruction in skin care and makeup application, as well as demonstrating hat, scarf and wig techniques to correct and camouflage. The program enabled women to take control of their appearance when everything else seemed out of control.  In 1997 I was awarded the Sunrise Award for exceptional volunteer service.

My extensive training and years of experience have enabled me to become an “Aesthetician  Extraordinaire” and expert in my field of cosmetology. My goal is to educate and empower everyone to grooming and appearance related issues.

John Vosseller: I am a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist offering stretch therapy that is hands on one-on-one, personalized therapeutic stretching that increases flexibility, reduces pain and improves performance. Flexibility is the fountain of youth and ties into aging that way. I specialize in fascial stretching therapy, and was trained thru Stretch to Win Institute in Arizona. I have been practicing for 10 years, and I am a level 3 specialist. I used to work as a personal trainer and it struck me that a lot of people were not stretching after their workouts. I dug into the matter and found a book about fascial stretching, contacted the authors, and pursued training with them. Each level is a weeklong training followed by 200 hours of practice. I have always been fitness oriented simply out of passion. Before making the move to studio b beauty & balance, I worked in a chiropractic office.

Pic tables

The massage and stretching room at studio b.

Caroline Abkar: Why did you create studio b beauty & balance?

Marijo, Julianna, John: There’s a real need for a wellness in this community, and we love the idea of being a wellness collective. Together the three of us are able to offer a broad range of complementary services. We will have the ability to serve all our customers with all resources in one location. There is definitely a crossover among our services which we think will serve our clients really well.

We are so glad to hear feedback from our customers on the amazing feeling of peace and relaxation they feel in our studio. They enjoy being here and it extends beyond the time they spend here.

Pic exterior

Outside studio b’s main entrance off Lister St.

Caroline Abkar: Why did you decide to settle in this area?

Marijo Luranc: I bought my business in Bay Park and opened my doors in 1999. My mentor Germaine Cariola said, “if you want to grow your business you need a better location.” Bay Park, the “Gateway to Mission Bay has Location, Location, Location.  Since I have been in this community my business has grown tremendously. Bay Park is centrally located and easily accessible with a diversity of people and businesses.

Caroline Abkar: According to you, what makes Bay Park special as a neighborhood?

John Vosseller: Not only is Bay Park a hidden gem in that it has beautiful panoramic views of the bay and sunset, but there is a real sense of community and pride in the neighborhood. The area businesses have a comprehensive and diverse offering of services.

Caroline Abkar: What makes studio b unique?

Marijo, Julianna, John: We feel studio b beauty & balance stands out in the vast array of services we offer to make people feel wonderful both inside and out. Our therapists are so experienced. Marijo has been in the esthetics business for a couple of decades, Julianna is trained in massage, yoga, and nutrition, and John’s clientele include San Diego Chargers athletes.

Fascial stretching is a wonderful therapy which not only is therapeutic, but connects the breath and nervous system in addition to relieving pain in various body parts including back and shoulder. So many people have sitting jobs and fascial stretching alleviates the ailments caused by these long periods of sitting. Everyone can benefit from fascial stretching.

Marijo Luranc: Sothys /Paris is what makes me unique as an esthetician. One must be professionally trained by the company to preform institute treatments and institute treatments and carry the line of products.   Sothys is a legendary name that represents excellence and prestige in beauty Institutes all over the world. We share the same passion of beauty and wellness and extraordinary commitment to the use of natural and scientific-proven ingredients in skin care products. The company has been family owned for more than 70 years. In 2000 I toured the factory and laboratory and took training at the spa headquarters in Paris. This experience had a profound effect on my career. I carry Sothys Exclusively.

Pic inside

A vast array of Sothys Paris skincare products.

Caroline Abkar: Can you tell us a bit about studio b’s involvement in the community?

Marijo, Julianna, John: We try to reach out to the Bay Park community in any way we can. Last year, we held a Cancer Survivor Day where we offered free body treatments to cancer survivors. We participated in several silent auctions donating services to several organizations: Clairemont Women’s Club who fund programs like Freedom Warriors, and Clairemont Boys & Girls Club. We also have donated to the TLC Ranch in Lakeside with healing therapy for abused children with the love of equines.

Caroline Abkar: Any message to the community or offer you would like to extend?

Marijo, Julianna, John: Yes! We would like to extend these exclusive offers for your readers:

  • 50% off services with code studiob*
  • 1 hour custom skin consultation free
    *First visit

The best way to contact us and schedule services is by phone or text while we work on revamping our website:

Julianna Wida – 619.246.1112 | web:
John Vosseller – 619.743.2039 | web:
Marijo Luranc- 619.997.5448 |


Current Body Treatment special at studio b.

About the owners:

Marijo Luranc is the founder of Skincare Extraordinaire located at 2305 Morena Blvd # B, San Diego, CA 92110. She can be reached at

Julianna Wida shares her time between studio b beauty & balance and Apex Rehab. You can read more about her on her website as well as here.

John Vosseller is owner of Synergy Stretch and has extensively worked with Point Loma Chiropractic. He now offers his services through studio b beauty & balance. You can read more about John and Stretch Therapy at

About the author: Caroline Abkar is a Real Estate professional who is absolutely passionate about helping her clients with one of the most important decisions of their lives. She loves to be an advocate for those who place their trust in her and will go above and beyond to serve anyone needing her real estate services. She also loves bringing the community together any way she can. You can contact her anytime at 619-808-4804 or