How This Award Winning Team at Arise Creates Stunning Designs

circular-headshotBY CAROLINE ABKAR | Red Tree Realty | May 2017

Do you know what happens when two artistic entrepreneurs abound with creativity, vision, and technology know-how? The rise of two award winning sister ventures named Arise Interiors and Arise Design. The first will transform any interior space into a visually stunning, functional masterpiece that reflects her clients’ dreams and wants. The second will create a compelling brand, website and content based on your business’ raison d’être so you can attract and connect with your clients.

Caroline Abkar: Joe and Traci, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Joe Metcalf: Sure! We met at Art school in Denver, where Traci was studying Interior Design and I, Fine Art. We like to joke that Traci was learning how to make money at Art and I was learning how to make Art. We ended up in San Diego by chance, and we always knew we would work together in some way. I was drawn to Web Design out of passion and talent.

Traci Taylor: My mother is an Interior Designer and my dad a Real Estate developer. I loved what I saw growing up and it fell into place for me. Both mine and Joe’s parents are entrepreneurs and being exposed to it since a young age has developed a passion to go in that direction for both of us.

Caroline Abkar:  Why did you create Arise Design and Arise Interiors?

Joe Metcalf: We were always driven by the desire to do better than what existed out there. About 6 years ago, Traci was wrapping up her 10-year career remodeling kitchens and baths with Design Studio West. I was working as a freelance Graphic & Web Designer and we decided to merge our services. I knew I wanted to go into the Creative/Artistic direction of building brands and websites following the outpouring of support by those I had helped as a freelancer. We started out by working out of our house and quickly outgrew our space. We founded Arise Art Group, a multidisciplinary design firm that we since have partitioned into two sister companies, namely Arise Design and Arise Interiors.

Traci Taylor: As entrepreneurs, our families were surrounded with business owners, and people who have had to hire a multitude of services. Some of the greatest issues we witnessed had to do with communication as well as quality. It helped us shape our thoughts continuously around how we could provide a much better service. Although our service focus is different, we still get to leverage each other’s talents which I think gives us a definite edge. For instance, I help with the branding component of what Arise Design does. When we work with new clients, we all come together and brainstorm. My skills as an Interior Designer are reflected in the brand concept, and the visual editing for the design. When it comes to commercial/industrial clients, we love having the ability to offer interdisciplinary design services for both interior and brand/web/marketing.

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Caroline Abkar: What makes Arise unique?

Joe Metcalf: We truly see an opportunity to provide a higher level of service to business owners are looking to create their brand identity, websites and the associated marketing of their brand and business. As entrepreneurs we see a better way to go. We knew we could provide something better. We like to call Traci our design maverick, our expert at interior architecture, where she focuses not just on beauty but also function, allowing room for her clients’ lifestyle. She is a fantastic curator of style, and takes clients’ tastes and makes their dream real and functional.

For Arise Design, we have a unique talent for revealing our clients’ real deliverable and what they’re great at, help them find who their ideal client is and creating a marketing platform that attracts the clients they want. It has to be beautiful but function in both ways. We apply the same philosophy to different disciplines of each sister company we founded.

We’re a design firm that brings to light infinite possibilities and in the end, results which are tangible, useful and beautiful.

Capture Resilience Naturopathic 2

Snapshot of Resilience Naturopathic’s website as designed by Arise Design.

Caroline Abkar: What are your proudest accomplishments thus far?

Joe Metcalf: The transformation we see in our clients when we take them through our brand intake process. It clarifies and quantifies the service they’re giving to people.

The fact that we’re delivering beyond our product by helping support their future growth through what we do is amazing. We see a shift in how people see their business after they’ve worked with us. Most recently, a client called us the day after our intake process and expressed that we helped her redefine her brand and put words to what she already knew.

Traci Taylor: Definitely the ability to implement our vision for Arise in such a successful way, with the group that we have brought together. We love David Ogilvy’s philosophy (aka Father of Advertising and creative genius) when he founded Ogilvy & Mather. Each manager would get a set of nesting Russian dolls in which the smallest one included a note revealing that if you hire people who are greater than you, then your company will be even greater as a whole. We want our designers to feel empowered to design and unleash their creativity and talent in alignment with our brand.

I’m also very proud of winning Kitchen of the Year multiple times and being featured in Architectural Digest!

In terms of projects, Bottega Italiana is definitely one that stands out in our minds because we brought our skills together to create their brand, interior design, and storefront design.

Caroline Abkar: Why did you choose this location so close to Bay Park?

Joe Metcalf: We live right at the junction of Bay Park and Clairemont. We walk to Clairemont Coffee every morning, our daughter went to preschool at St Mark’s and now Bay Park Elementary. We can ride our bikes to work, it’s just a great location and we love everything about it. I love to help the community out through art. I have made several painting for Clairemont Coffee. We painted a mural for St David’s preschool. I also painted a utility box very close to us here (***GIVEAWAY ALERT! Be the first to find the utility box pictured below, tell us which junction it’s located at and win a gift card to Clairemont Coffee!***).

Caroline Abkar: What are some other great projects you have completed?

Joe Metcalf: So far we have focused on clients who serve in the following industries: Health & Wellness, Tech & Startups, Interior Designers, and Arts & Culture because we know those verticals so well. Some great projects include Aerial Revolution, Resilience Naturopathic, and . They were pretty special because we understand the personas that are in play. I truly believe that we need to understand the businesses that we serve and if we don’t, we will spend time researching them intensively so we gain that deeper knowledge of who they are and what they’re trying to achieve.

Traci Taylor: I have worked on several wonderful interior design projects both locally and a little further in LA and Laguna. Although I can’t disclose any residential client names, we do have several photos and case studies at for you to look at.

Arise Interior 2Arise Interior 3Arise Interior 4

Caroline Abkar: Do you have any final words and promotions you would like to share with our readers?

Joe Metcalf and Traci Taylor: We have been extremely blessed to successfully run our business through referrals and word of mouth, and we are so excited at expanding our offerings to more clients and help them achieve their design goals. Arise Design will offer a free strategy session for any new clients, that you can book directly thru our website calendar at

About the owners: Joe Metcalf is the Founder, owner and Creative Director of Arise Design located at 3660 Clairemont Dr #10, San Diego, CA 92117. You can read more at  as well as their Facebook page

Traci Taylor is the Principal Designer of Arise Interiors located at 3660 Clairemont Dr #10, San Diego, CA 92117. You can read more at as well as her Facebook page at . Traci is also the Brand Specialist at Arise Design. From what I hear, we will be seeing Traci honored yet again, this time in a main local design magazine this summer. Stay tuned!

About the author: Caroline Abkar is a Real Estate professional who is absolutely passionate about helping her clients with one of the most important decisions of their lives. She loves to be an advocate for those who place their trust in her and will go above and beyond to serve anyone needing her real estate services. She also loves bringing the community together any way she can. You can contact her anytime at 619-808-4804 or