Switch your corporate job for consulting: earn more, play more! Meet Amy Rasdal at Billable with Baby®

circular-headshotBY CAROLINE ABKAR | Red Tree Realty | 12/11/2017

Logo I had the pleasure of meeting Amy in my neighborhood a few months ago and we hit it off. Amy Rasdal is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the Internet software and medical devices industries. She started out as a programmer many years ago at ASK Computer Systems, and as she gained valuable experience, she traded her corporate job for consulting and realized the tremendous earning potential the consulting model offered her. She founded her own consulting company, Rasdal Associates Inc., 15 years ago. She also founded Billable at the Beach® almost a decade ago to help people make the jump into consulting, and she is now focused on helping working mothers do the same. For her, becoming a mother is absolutely not synonymous with letting your career slip you by or having to compromise on your income just because you now need the flexibility to juggle work and the kids. In fact, Amy feels that in today’s globalized and modern world, the tools we have absolutely allow us to provide top notch services and utilize our abilities while enjoying the flexibility of working remotely from anywhere in the world. That is why she founded Billable with Baby®, a program that helps working mothers build a successful consulting business.

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Caroline Abkar: Amy, what was the trigger for you to create Billable with Baby?

Amy Rasdal:  I want to liberate working mothers!  My vision is to change the face of the corporate world by empowering working mothers to have meaningful careers with the flexibility to raise their children the way they wish.

Caroline Abkar: Who is your target clientele that can benefit from your program most?

Amy Rasdal:  Working mothers anywhere in the world who feel overwhelmed trying to manage career and family.  They are afraid of missing first steps, first words and school plays because of work.  These women have spent a lot of time and money on their education and they have worked hard to get to a certain point in their careers.  Before they had children, they loved their jobs.  They cannot afford to quit working, but they cannot be the mothers they want to be, spending so much time away from their children.

Caroline Abkar: You have lived in Bay Park for 20 years. What do you love about our neighborhood?

Amy Rasdal: Ah, we LOVE Bay Park!  It is a hidden gem.  It’s close to everything and has such a welcoming personality.  We have enjoyed seeing more young families moving into Bay Park in the last few years.

Caroline Abkar: What is the best way to get started with your program?

Amy Rasdal:  The best way to get started is to dive in!  I have a FREE email course, “Three Action Steps to Generate Revenue NOW!”, which will get you generating revenue quickly.  We get the money coming in quickly and then follow up with everything you need to build a sustainable business.

Caroline Abkar: What can your client expect to take away after having completed your program?

Amy Rasdal: My job is clearing roadblocks to revenue.  A working mother comes out of the program with a strong pipeline of business and a prioritized list of specific actions to continue to build and grow her consulting business.  She will also come away with a supportive community of ambitious mothers doing the same thing.


About the owner: Amy Rasdal is the proud founder of Billable with Baby®. You can follow Billable with Baby’s FB page here and check out their website at http://www.billablewithbaby.com/ to get started today!

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