Trim Hair Lounge: an absolute gem of a salon in San Diego!

circular-headshotBY CAROLINE ABKAR | 1/10/2018

Trim Lounge logo  To say Rachel Melissa de Hoop was born with a gene to become a hairdresser is an understatement. Armed with a pair of scissors, she transforms into a magician who creates the most beautiful hairstyles, colors and transformations for her clients. This pure Californian who can’t imagine living anywhere else is brimming with energy and a love of life which shines through her eyes and contagious smile. I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel through school and being very picky with my hair, it was with hesitation that I went in the first time, picture in hand of what I wanted her to do. She did that, and then some! I have probably been to 20+ hairdressers in my life and she nails it every time like no one else I have been to. I hope you enjoy this little interview I had the pleasure of doing with her alongside a delicious meal at Crushed in PB!

Interview by Caroline Abkar - Your San Diego REALTOR

Trim Hair Lounge owner Rachel Melissa de Hoop

Caroline Abkar: Rachel, what was the trigger for you to choose this career and eventually create Trim Hair Lounge?

Rachel Melissa de Hoop: I have had a passion for doing hair and makeup since I was little!  I would work on all our friends’ hairs and makeup. Many of my brave friends would let me experiment on their hair. I went to Beauty school in Hillcrest in 2000 and to this day take specialized classes here locally and attend the Long Beach Hair shows to stay up to date on the latest trends.  The first thing I do waking up and last thing when going to bed is watch tutorials and techniques videos!

I started Trim Hair Lounge in 2012, and have 2 women on my team that work with me.

Caroline Abkar: What do you love most about what you do?

Rachel Melissa de Hoop: I love getting to know people and their stories; I think that’s the best part of my day… that and my hubby’s massages at the end of the day! I love making people feel pretty, feel good on the inside.

Caroline Abkar: You lived close to Bay Park for many years and your children attend Bay Park schools. What do you love about our neighborhood?

Rachel Melissa de Hoop: I love Bay Park! The social demographics, the fact that there are so many like-minded people who are down to earth, families that the children can relate to, nice kids, nice parents. It’s a great area and school. It has so much to offer to offer, too, in terms of good eateries.

Caroline Abkar: What type of clientele do you serve?

Rachel Melissa de Hoop: I offer haircuts and styling to men, women and children. I absolutely love helping moms, and create a friendly relationship with all my clients. I am so happy with my client retention, referrals and word of mouth!

Caroline Abkar: Can you expand a bit more on the types of services you offer?

Rachel Melissa de Hoop: Yes! So in addition to shampoo, haircuts and hair styling, I do balayage, coloring, Brazilian Blowouts, Chi thermal straightening, and high quality Easy Hair Pro Extensions. I use Alterna’s Caviar line.

Caroline Abkar: Based on the haircuts you’ve given me and what the friends I have referred say, I feel like you truly offer high end services at a fraction of the cost. Is that an accurate statement?

Rachel Melissa de Hoop: Yes, I like to think that I offer high end services and skimming is just not an option for me. I take a lot of pride in what I do! I typically charge $45-60 for a full shampoo, haircut, blowdry & style. I even offer personalized hair-cuts, like St Patrick’s Day Mohawks for one of my clients!

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About the owner: Rachel Melissa de Hoop is the proud owner of Trim Hair Lounge, located at 975 Hornblend St Ste A1, San Diego, California 92109. The salon is by appointment only, with appointment times between 9:30am and 8:00pm. Please call  858-245-3120 to schedule an appointment or message them directly thru Facebook on Trim Hair Salon’s FB page!

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