Stellar representation backed by stats :-)

So I thought I would have a little fun when I saw the latest info-graphics by the California Association of REALTORS which quite frankly, depicted some pretty discouraging stats for buyers. It shows statistics as follows:

San Diego Homes by Caroline Abkar, Your San Diego REALTOR

The focus seems to be on all the trade-offs the buyers had to make, doesn’t it? Well, I want to say to you that is not the case for every buyer and a lot of it has to do with your REALTOR’s willingness to fight and deploy the appropriate efforts for you! Here are my statistics as of today on all these parameters:

  1. Percentage of motivated, qualified home buyers that I represented who went less than 3 months before buying a home? 100%
  2. Percentage of home buyers that I represented who found a home at an affordable price, within their budget? 100%
  3. Percentage of home buyers that I represented who found a home with their desired features? 100%
  4. Percentage of home buyers that I represented who found a home in their desired neighborhood? 87% ~ In fact, it would be fair to say that some of my buyers had to expand their geographical areas of interest simply due to prices and scarcity but at the same time, the new area of interest quickly became their new #1 when they realized it met all their criteria!
  5. Percentage of home buyers that I represented who got outbid when making offers: 12%, as opposed to the 27% California average. The most common reason? Other buyers willing to pay more for the property.In this seller’s market where the competition among buyers is fierce, most buyers are forced to make 5+ offers on 5+ different homes before their offer is accepted, sometimes more for entry-level homes where they are competing against all cash buyers. My average so far among that 12% is actually 2 offers. I have yet to have buyers make more than 2 offers before getting a home and remember, 88% get their initial offer accepted thanks to my creative approach and strategy!

If you’re looking for stellar buyer (and seller) representation or have questions, feel free to reach out at no cost or obligation. I love what I do and would love to help YOU as well!

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