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Best tips to prepare your home for selling

 By Caroline Abkar | July 2017

Just a few days ago, I walked into a home with my clients where we were greeted with the overpowering scent of a deodorizing spray which really was just blending in with whatever odor had to be deodorized. Not off to a great start. Then, we took a look at the bedrooms and saw clothes piled everywhere on the beds and even on the floor.  As we peaked into the bathroom, we were struck by the musty smell of bike gear lying on the counter top. We stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and the grass was covering half our legs. I tend to attract fleas and got itchy pretty quickly 

A clean home helps buyers really appreciate your home and not have them try to visualize how your space would look de-cluttered, and at the same time you increase your odds of getting the most for your home, in as little time as possible.

Here are my tips to best prepare your home when selling:

  • Paint the interior walls especially if there are stains and/or odors. It can really freshen up your entire home’s look.
  • Touch up the landscaping. I can’t tell you the number of times buyers comment on curb appeal. It’s the very first impression buyers have before they even get in and really sets the tone for the viewing. Buyers also tend to associate the state of the exterior with how well the rest of the home has been maintained.
  • Make sure the house numbers are visible (and all there!). One of the homes I showed yesterday was a flip with brand new house numbers… except that the second number didn’t stick and had fallen.
  • Take away personal items. Buyers like to envision themselves in the home and if there are photos of you and/or your family everywhere along with trinkets and ornaments, it makes it a little more difficult to relate.
  • Consider making certain repairs. If the plumbing is leaking anywhere, even if just trickles, it should be fixed. If the carpet is stained, it should be cleaned. If the rug is ripped, replace it or remove it. If the roof is leaking, fix it (along with any resulting stains). Replace broken windows. As a rule of thumb, I also like to think about all the items a general inspector will go through and if it can be fixed cost effectively beforehand, the returns can be well worth it.
  • Clean, clean and clean. The air in the home should feel clean all throughout. Dust daily if you have to. Make sure all surfaces and floors are shiny. Same goes for the kitchen and bathrooms. Scrub away.
  • In addition, if you are still living in the home while it’s for sale, make sure that before each showing the TV is turned off, the lights are on, your trash is emptied, the beds are made, your towels are clean and hanging neatly, open the curtains and drapes, and control your pets! Oh, and don’t stay in the house unless you absolutely have to. Buyers usually feel more at ease discussing with their agent without the seller’s presence.


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