Market News March 3, 2020

California’s Proposition 13 Ballot Measure 2020: What, Why?

By Caroline Abkar, Realtor

There is good reason to be confused about the California Proposition 13 ballot measure. While I won’t sway anyone’s vote one way or another, I think it’s important to make the most informed decision possible so here is a breakdown of what you need to read/know.

Firstly, this ballot measure is not, nor does it have any real bearing on, the Proposition 13 — the landmark 1978 initiative that limits property taxes and restricts their annual increase. That Prop 13 transformed the state’s finances and has since become a “third rail” in California politics. It seems like an accident of fate that they have the same name.

This proposition is actually a $15 billion bond for public schools to improve decaying buildings or to construct new ones. This could cost local taxpayers. It appears it will also make it easier for developers to build apartment buildings within a half-mile of public transit by freeing those developments from school impact fees.

This article helps clear up the confusion:…/

This article discusses the likely effects of the confusion on the votes:…/thirteen-could-be-unlucky-num…/624493

Now let’s get to exactly what this ballot measure is straight from the source. It’s very detailed, but if you’re going to vote, you should probably read it. It also includes the main arguments from supporters and opponents:,_School_a…

Here are some opinions and pros & cons:…/us/california-prop-13-pros-cons.h…

From UT:

Finally, note that this Proposition is not the same as the “split roll” initiative destined for the November ballot, also intended to raise billions of dollars for schools. If approved by voters, the”split roll” initiative would indeed usher in a major reform of Prop. 13 — the original one — by substantially raising taxes on commercial properties.

Happy voting.


About the author: Caroline Abkar is an established San Diego Realtor and Bay Park resident who is absolutely passionate about the community as well as representing her clients in selling and acquiring the biggest investment of their lives. She will go above and beyond for those who place their trust in her. You can contact her anytime at 619-808-4804.