Farmer’s Table opens in Bay Park, San Diego!

Excitement is through the roof as I meet with Sabrina Martins, General Manager at the new and gorgeously designed Farmer’s Table here in Bay Park adjacent to Sprouts in Clairemont Village. This family owned eatery experienced tremendous success when they opened Farmer’s Table in La Mesa, and are elated to bring their award winning concept to our community here. Farmer’s Table is not a chain, but rather, family owned and operated. What makes them so unique is the source of their high quality ingredients, which are all locally sourced from sustainable producers. If you ever wished you could have your own farm to be able to make the freshest meals with the most delicious ingredients, then this might be as close as it can get, right in our backyard.

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Up Close & Personal with Jennie Groom, Founder and Owner of Studio Flo Pilates

Studio Flo Pilates

There is palpable excitement in the air as I enter the studio and meet Jennie Groom, founder and owner of Studio Flo Pilates in Bay Ho.

We casually sat in the Barre room and chatted about why she founded Studio Flo, what she loves about Bay Park/Bay Ho and what the near future holds for her studio. As a relative newbie to Pilates, I left the studio with a desire to come back and experience what it’s all about, thanks to Jennie’s patience and passion for her studio which I could sense through her eyes beaming with pride during the entire interview. Enjoy the read and please share your comments as always!

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Your San Diego Events Calendar for October 2018 is here!

 By Caroline Abkar | October 2018

October is an exciting month with a welcome breeze, and not so welcome darkness, although it does make for cozy evenings around a fire! For many, October is synonymous with fall and its beautiful colors, and the obligatory trip to a pumpkin patch if you happen to have little’s. Regardless of your situation though, here is the calendar of events for San Diego county for the month of October 2018! There are lots of happenings and something to fit everyone’s taste, from the San Diego Film Festival to comedy, beer, wine, sports, theater and of course… Halloween celebrations 🎃

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5 Reasons Rising Interest Rates Won’t Wreck the Housing Market

This blog post is written by our Chief Economist Matthew Gardner at Windermere Real Estate and originally posted on the Windermere site here:

I found the content too valuable not to share on my own blog!

5 Reasons Rising Interest Rates Won’t Wreck the Housing Market

Written by Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist, Windermere Real Estate

Interest rates have been trending higher since the fall of 2017, and I fully expect they will continue in that direction – albeit relatively slowly – as we move through the balance of the year and into 2019. So what does this mean for the US housing market?

It might come as a surprise to learn that I really don’t think rising interest rates will have a major impact on the housing market. Here is my reasoning: 

1. First Time Home Buyers 

As interest rates rise, I expect more buyers to get off the fence and into the market; specifically, first time buyers who, according to Freddie Mac, made up nearly half of new mortgages in the first quarter of this year. First-time buyers are critical to the overall health of the housing market because of the subsequent chain reaction of sales that result so this is actually a positive outcome of rising rates.

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Rebuilding my Real Estate blog, one post at a time!

Thank you for stopping by! I recently joined Windermere’s stellar team and with that process came this brand new website which provides awesome features for you: my readers and followers. This also means that I am sorting through all my blogs posts to bring back the most relevant ones here and also carve time out to keep bringing you valuable and fun content.

Don’t forget to sign up for Neighborhood News right here on my Homepage for the very latest market trends and statistics for any zip code you choose. It’s the most up-to-date and relevant way to stay on top of YOUR areas of interest!

Yours truly,

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Best tips to prepare your home for selling

 By Caroline Abkar | July 2017

Just a few days ago, I walked into a home with my clients where we were greeted with the overpowering scent of a deodorizing spray which really was just blending in with whatever odor had to be deodorized. Not off to a great start. Then, we took a look at the bedrooms and saw clothes piled everywhere on the beds and even on the floor.  As we peaked into the bathroom, we were struck by the musty smell of bike gear lying on the counter top. We stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and the grass was covering half our legs. I tend to attract fleas and got itchy pretty quickly 

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How I helped this military family find their dream home in Imperial Beach!

 By Caroline Abkar | April 2017

When I was called upon to help a Navy Seal and his wife with the purchase of their first home, I didn’t take the job lightly. I usually pride myself on taking on challenges and going the extra mile for my clients and this was yet another wonderful opportunity to do that. I also felt incredibly privileged to serve this military couple, and somehow be helpful in return for their tremendous service.

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Interview with Dave Rudie of Catalina Offshore Products

 By Caroline Abkar | April 2017

I am privileged to chat with Dave Rudie today, owner of Catalina Offshore Products, a place where businesses and consumers can get their hands on restaurant quality seafood right here at the intersection of Bay Park and Morena. We chatted about how and why he started Catalina Offshore Products, what he loves about Bay Park and also about sustainable fishing practices and how he supports it through his company. Dave’s pride and passion for seafood are reflected in the quality and uniqueness of our ocean’s wonderful bounty available right through his store. Enjoy the interview and please share your thoughts, comments and questions as always!

 Caroline Abkar: Dave, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Dave Rudie: Sure! It all began for me 40 years ago when I was a sea urchin diver and seaweed diver off the backside of Catalina Island. I fell in love with the ocean when I first snorkeled at 16 years old. I studied Marine Biology at UC Irvine and I was a sport diver on the weekends. I saw a lot of sea urchins and the dive clubs recommended we kill them because they were eating kelp beds. I heard of a new market for sea urchins kicking off right around that time, where they were buying them for 7c/pound…! I therefore became a sea urchin diver and sold my catch right off my boat along the coast of Catalina Island. I acquired a bigger boat and worked all over as a fisherman. After I moved to San Diego, I began processing the sea urchins in my garage and a plant I was able to use by night, and sold them directly to sushi bars. I also found wholesalers and a buyer in Japan, when sea urchins and sushi started gaining popularity.

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Thank you for making the first toy drive a huge success!

 By Caroline Abkar | December 2016


This first used toy drive was a resounding success! Our office space was a joy to come into with all the toys that kept piling up and spreading out. Thank you so much to every single one of you who donated and/or spread the word about this initiative. So many of you were thankful to be able to share their gently used toys to others in need instead of having to sell them or pass them on to thrift stores. Your generosity will help put smiles on children’s faces this holiday season. Thank you: Continue reading

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Marston Middle School is getting a makeover!

 By Caroline Abkar | October 2016

San Diego Unified’s School Choice Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year is currently in progress and there is much to be excited about these days when it comes to Clairemont’s Schools. The neighborhood already boasts stellar elementary schools and now principal Jon Gollias is on a mission to turn Marston Middle School into a high performing, safe school where students will thrive and reach their full potential. With more and more local families choosing Marston, the school is on its way to becoming a neighborhood school again.

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