Trim Hair Lounge: an absolute gem of a salon in San Diego!

BY CAROLINE ABKAR | 1/10/2018   To say Rachel Melissa de Hoop was born with a gene to become a hairdresser is an understatement. Armed with a pair of scissors, she transforms into a magician who creates the most beautiful hairstyles, colors and transformations for her clients. This pure Californian who can’t imagine living anywhere … Continue reading Trim Hair Lounge: an absolute gem of a salon in San Diego!

Deft Brewing opening in Bay Park/Morena in the heart of San Diego!

After months in the works, there's a new, family owned brewery opening its doors in Bay Park/Morena. This family and founders have been working so incredibly hard to make this happen and carefully thought every detail through. You won't want to miss being there. This article has all the details you would want to know about everything from the concept to the culture and vision for this down to earth, welcoming, family oriented European inspired brewery.

Studio Flo Pilates gets a new home!

By Caroline Abkar - Studio Flo Pilates has made their move into their new space on Morena Blvd in San Diego after months of hard work and a vision for a new home that could provide the space to support the tremendous success and growth they experienced in Bay Park.