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Real Estate Tidbits The #1 Seller Mistake Even in a Hot Market!   We are in the hottest seller’s market which means homes should sell themselves for top dollar, right? Believe it or not, many sellers are unknowingly selling for less than top dollar right now, while others are reducing their prices in this market. It’s because they are making the #1 seller mistake in a hot […]
Market News Is now really a good time to sell your home? 🏡Is now really a good time to sell your home? How on earth are home prices going up during a pandemic, and why? Find out the answers in this week’s video update! 🎥  
Real Estate Tidbits 4 No-No’s When Applying For a Mortgage! 🏡 🏦  Over time, I have learned that there are specific things you should avoid doing once you decide to apply for a mortgage, otherwise you may very well hurt your chances at getting that new home!
Real Estate Tidbits 3 Home Buying No-No’s To Avoid! In my tidbit this week, I share with you 3 important No-No’s to avoid and how to plan around them as a home buyer!
Real Estate Tidbits Top 3 Tips to Increase Your Credit Score! By Caroline Abkar, REALTOR®, B.Sc.Eng. 5/29/2020   Why is it important to increase your credit score? A high credit score means a better interest rate when it comes to applying for a mortgage loan. And a better interest rate means you pay less every single month to own your home! There are several factors that […]
Real Estate Tidbits Should You Buy A House Sight Unseen? By Caroline Abkar, Realtor, B.Sc.Eng. 5/20/2020   It used to be that buying a house sight unseen was mainly for out of area buyers who needed to get their hands on a home but didn’t have the ability to be present on site on time. Now, with COVID-19 changing our interactions and the way we […]
Real Estate Tidbits Top 3 Things To Look For in a Realtor! By Caroline Abkar, Realtor 5/12/2020 👩🏻‍💻👨‍💻👩🏽‍💻🧑🏿‍💻👨‍💻🎥 There is one thing you can do right now if a move is in your future, and that is leveraging video calls to interview and identify your dream team, including your Realtor & lender! In this video, I share the 3 very important things to look for in a Realtor! […]
Real Estate Tidbits The Best Answer to ‘What Is My Home Worth?’ By Caroline Abkar, REALTOR 3/1/2020   ‘What Is My Home Worth’? Ah, the million dollar question. Today, I’m give you tidbits to figure out what your home is worth. The classic thing that everybody does is go on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, to see what their home is worth. And while that’s a good starting point, […]
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Real Estate Tidbits Can You Cancel Escrow As a Buyer or Seller? Are you wondering if you can cancel the contract once you are in escrow on the purchase or sales of a home? Watch your tidbit of the week to find out! By Caroline Abkar, REALTOR 2/11/2020   About the author: Caroline Abkar is an established San Diego Realtor and Bay Park resident who is absolutely […]
Real Estate Tidbits Should You Remodel or Move? By Caroline Abkar, Realtor | January 14th, 2020 Are you wondering if you should remodel your existing home or sell it and buy something new instead? I made this video to help you answer just whether you should remodel your home or move. It is chock full of all the information you need to consider […]
Real Estate Tidbits Before you dig on your property, call 811 / Digalert! By Caroline Abkar, REALTOR | December 12th, 2019 Are you about to begin a house project that requires digging? Did you know that you can call 811 or go to to submit your request for a free service where utility operators will be sent out to mark the locations where you have utility lines […]
Real Estate Tidbits Selling to an iBuyer ? Here’s What You Need To Know! By Caroline Abkar, REALTOR | October 8th, 2019     You may have heard the news and seen their ads everywhere. What an iBuyer is, is a company that will offer to buy your property very quickly, all cash, with an online offer, sight unseen. Think Zillow Offers, Redfin Now, Offerpad, Opendoor. These are all […]
Market News The Best Time To Buy A House Is Now: Top 5 tips to get a deal! By Caroline Abkar, Realtor  –  9/23/2019       Buyers always ask me: when is the best time to buy a house? Turns out, crunched numbers to figure out exactly when the best time to buy a house for 2019 is and it is… right now, right this week! Statistics show that there will […]
Real Estate Tidbits Are Zillow’s Zestimates accurate? By Caroline Abkar, 9/10/2019   Everyone knows about Zillow’s Zestimate’s and millions of users look them up, but how accurate are they and can you use them at face value? The key items to remember after watching this video are the following: Zillow’s website describes Zestimates as a starting point. It should not be used a […]
Real Estate Tidbits What is a home warranty? By Caroline Abkar, 9/5/2019 A home warranty is very different than a homeowner’s insurance. While homeowner’s insurance covers damage to your home, a home warranty will cover the appliances and systems in your home, including but not limited to your refrigerator, oven, garbage disposal, microwave, dishwasher, water heater, furnace, A/C, plumbing, sewer line, pool. There are […]
Real Estate Tidbits What You Need to Know About California Proposition 5  By Caroline Abkar | Windermere Homes & Estates | October 2018   The California Association of REALTORS® submitted the ballot initiative for Proposition 5 stating that almost 75% of homeowners 55 and older haven’t moved since 2000 in fear of the moving penalty they cannot afford. With elections right around the corner, there is so much […]
Real Estate Tidbits Rebuilding my Real Estate blog, one post at a time! Thank you for stopping by! I recently joined Windermere’s stellar team and with that process came this brand new website which provides awesome features for you: my readers and followers. This also means that I am sorting through all my blogs posts to bring back the most relevant ones here and also carve time out […]
Real Estate Tidbits Best tips to prepare your home for selling  By Caroline Abkar | July 2017 Just a few days ago, I walked into a home with my clients where we were greeted with the overpowering scent of a deodorizing spray which really was just blending in with whatever odor had to be deodorized. Not off to a great start. Then, we took a look […]
Real Estate Tidbits How I helped this military family find their dream home in Imperial Beach!  By Caroline Abkar | April 2017 When I was called upon to help a Navy Seal and his wife with the purchase of their first home, I didn’t take the job lightly. I usually pride myself on taking on challenges and going the extra mile for my clients and this was yet another wonderful opportunity […]