San Diego Events 🎡 Clairemont Family Day is right around the corner!   Is this your first time hearing about Clairemont Family Day or maybe you’ve been in the past and excited it’s back? Either way this is your friendly reminder to mark your calendars for October 15, 2022 8AM-4PM for what will be a wonderful event for the whole family! Clairemont Family is back for its […]
Real Estate Tidbits Should We Rely on Zestimate’s? 🏡 What is the first thing you do when you want to know what your home is worth? If you said check online using Zillow, Redfin, or other automated estimates, that’s what most homeowners do! 👩🏻‍💻 👨‍💻 🧑🏿‍💻 I’m sure you wonder deep down if those valuations are reliable, and for good reason. 🤔 There […]
Real Estate Tidbits Top tips to increase your home value! Overwhelmed at the thought of preparing your home for sale and wondering “Where do I start?” How do you increase your home value? Perhaps you’re thinking you will get top dollar in this hot market without lifting a finger? 💰 🏡 The right home preparation will always yield the best results no matter what type […]
Real Estate Tidbits 7 Tips to Increase Your Credit Score!   🤔 Why should you care about your credit score? The higher your credit score, the better your odds of getting a loan and the lower the interest rate on that loan! 😃 Even a few points upward in your credit score can make a significant difference! 🎯 But why does a lower interest rate […]
Real Estate Tidbits Before & After Home Transformation Prior to Listing! We get so much solicitation with great promises to sell homes for all cash without any hassle 🏡. Since I live and breathe real estate, I immediately recognize what is truly the real deal and I am here to tell you this: your home is not a one size fits all and your biggest investment […]
Market News New Listing in Bay Park, San Diego 92110! New Listing in Bay Park, San Diego 92110! Welcome to 2327 Cecelia Terrace perched atop beautiful Western Hills Park on one of the most desirable streets in Bay Park, San Diego! ✨ 1,431 SF ✨ Highly desirable neighborhood ✨ Gorgeously remodeled from top to bottom ✨ 3 great sized bedrooms + office ✨ 2 full […]
Real Estate Tidbits More solutions to selling your home right now!   Are you thinking about selling but you’re worried you won’t be able to find a replacement home?  This is a completely valid concern given our current market conditions.  But don’t worry, there are solutions!  In this third video of the series, I talk about another potential solution which is a rent-back. Reach out to […]
Market News 2218 Galveston St, Bay Park San Diego 92110 After just 48 hours on market, this home received thousands of views and enough saves to make it a hot home online. Strategic preparation, touch up’s, high quality staging, professional media and marketing were all key in bringing out this home’s full potential and ensure the best possible results. We waited a couple of additional […]
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Real Estate Tidbits Will Your Home Pass The Test to Sell for Top Dollar? Can you sell your home for top dollar right now (and not just quickly!) or do you need to do a few things to make sure you get the highest amount on your investment? Take the test to find out by watching this video!  Curb Appeal The 3 D’s: Declutter, Depersonalize & Deep Clean The […]
Local businesses Up Close & Personal with Humble Bean Cafe! Meet the owners of Humble Bean Cafe, the newest coffee shop to open in Bay Park!These three partners are clearly passionate about coffee and have come up with an exciting and custom menu for our community! They can’t wait to serve you all and elevate your experience. Mention this video and get a special discount […]
Real Estate Tidbits Nervous About Selling Your Home? Nervous about selling your home here in Coastal San Diego because you’re not sure where to start? Perhaps you are worried you will have nowhere to go? There are many solutions and strategies to get top dollar and also to finding a replacement home, even with limited inventory! Watch the video below to find out […]
Real Estate Tidbits The #1 Seller Mistake Even in a Hot Market!   We are in the hottest seller’s market which means homes should sell themselves for top dollar, right? Believe it or not, many sellers are unknowingly selling for less than top dollar right now, while others are reducing their prices in this market. It’s because they are making the #1 seller mistake in a hot […]
Market News Housing Market News: Bay Park, Clairemont, Pacific Beach By Caroline Abkar, Realtor. 11/25/2020. One of the questions I am asked the most is how is the market doing? Will the prices drop? Will there be another crash? I am a firm believer that there is no better answer than dissecting the past, using actual data and statistics to help predict the future. Here […]
Market News Is now really a good time to sell your home? 🏡Is now really a good time to sell your home? How on earth are home prices going up during a pandemic, and why? Find out the answers in this week’s video update! 🎥  
Real Estate Tidbits 4 No-No’s When Applying For a Mortgage! 🏡 🏦  Over time, I have learned that there are specific things you should avoid doing once you decide to apply for a mortgage, otherwise you may very well hurt your chances at getting that new home!
Market News The Q2 2020 Southern California Gardner Report Is Here. Our Chief Economist’s Q2 report for SoCal is hot off the press, and contains some really pertinent information on how things are going in our region.    Wondering how this affects your situation? I’m always happy to help any way I can. SoCal_GardnerReportQ2_2020 Caroline
Real Estate Tidbits 3 Home Buying No-No’s To Avoid! In my tidbit this week, I share with you 3 important No-No’s to avoid and how to plan around them as a home buyer!
Real Estate Tidbits Top 3 Tips to Increase Your Credit Score! By Caroline Abkar, REALTOR®, B.Sc.Eng. 5/29/2020   Why is it important to increase your credit score? A high credit score means a better interest rate when it comes to applying for a mortgage loan. And a better interest rate means you pay less every single month to own your home! There are several factors that […]
Real Estate Tidbits Should You Buy A House Sight Unseen? By Caroline Abkar, Realtor, B.Sc.Eng. 5/20/2020   It used to be that buying a house sight unseen was mainly for out of area buyers who needed to get their hands on a home but didn’t have the ability to be present on site on time. Now, with COVID-19 changing our interactions and the way we […]
Real Estate Tidbits Top 3 Things To Look For in a Realtor! By Caroline Abkar, Realtor 5/12/2020 👩🏻‍💻👨‍💻👩🏽‍💻🧑🏿‍💻👨‍💻🎥 There is one thing you can do right now if a move is in your future, and that is leveraging video calls to interview and identify your dream team, including your Realtor & lender! In this video, I share the 3 very important things to look for in a Realtor! […]